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AMC Membership 

Membership in the Anacortes Mindfulness Community (AMC)

About Membership

Membership is an expression of commitment to making the teachings of peace and compassion available to our community.

Anacortes Mindfulness Community is a non-profit 501c(3) organization with no outside funding source. We rely on donations to support our teachers, our outreach and our operating expenses (approximately $1200/month).   Details about our budget and finances are available here.


Benefits of Membership

1. Members support and sustain a growing mindfulness practice community in the Plum Village tradition of Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

2. Members have access to our teacher, Jon Prescott, for private consultations during meditation periods.  Jon’s Dharma talks and podcasts are available on our website.

3. AMC Members not only get the benefit of deeper commitment to practice in your own life and the community at large, but members also get advance registration opportunities for our Days of Mindfulness and other Retreats, which are generally made open to the public and often fill up.  

Commitment to Practice:  

Membership at AMC is pretty straight forward. Becoming a member signals your aspiration and commitment to practicing meditation and mindfulness in your daily life, and in the life of this Sangha. Members volunteer their service to the Sangha in a variety of ways, perhaps serving on the board of directors, helping set up and take down for Sangha, decorations, or special committees.   Volunteering is in itself a beautiful practice, and since we are an all-volunteer sangha, your skills and expertise are essential to our ability to thrive.


Membership is ongoing, but we ask you to keep us updated if anything changes your circumstances.   To that end, please let us know if your address (email or mailing) changes, or if your banking information changes. 

Click here to fill out and submit our Membership Form.  You will be contacted by us within a few days after your submission.

Questions?   Contact us by email.